Most important factors in real estate business

☑️The properties search on your website. Search is the most important tool on a real estate website and it should be placed on home page. It should work smoothly, quickly and give accurate results.

☑️Map view. Option to view property on the map is a must-have option. Address information without map view is inconvenient for website visitors, so keep it mind when designing your website.

☑️Detailed listing. Be ensure that the design you choose for your real estate website include property listing detail page and it shows all the important details about the property.

☑️Image gallery. Properties with more photos have more views – that’s a fact. Usually agents upload 10-15 photos to show most attractive rooms, or property features. Spend some time and money to make your gallery look fancy.

☑️Sorting. Sorting properties by latest, oldest, featured, cheapest will also come in useful. Let visitors get properties they want with one click instead of tiresome jumping from one page to another.